A corner of Provence in Maui

October 24, 2017 • Places

A corner of Provence in Maui

Maui was not even on our travel schedule during our Hawaiian holiday, but then for some reason (bad weather in Kauai) we ended up in this beautiful island. In my mind Hawaii has always been big waves, surfers and laid back lifestyle, but we found much more. I never thought I could end up in an English-like garden surrounded by French lavender on the top of the island, overlooking the white sandy beaches of Maui.

If you are visiting Maui, Ali’i Kula Lavander definitely worth a visit, not only for the 45 different variaties of lavender that you can find, but also for the stunning gardens and views. It’s beautiful to walk around plants, trees and flowers, smelling the different plants and running around with kids. It feels like being somewhere in England Countryside or in Provence (just with an added free stunning view!)

Ali’i Ikula Lavander is home to approximately 55,000 lavender plants and 45 different varieties of lavender. Olive trees, hydrangea, Protea, succulents and an exceptional variety of other plants can be found on the farm, which offers the first and only Lavender Lifestyle experience on Maui.

Built on a value-centered philosophy of “Aloha” which means love, friendship and responsibility, AKL’s founding principle speaks to the quality of their relationships with the land, the community and each other. Aloha is what influences their behavior and encompasses the  level of excellence and service they hope to provide. As stewards of the land, AKL promotes the best practices that respect the Earth and the Environment and gives special homage and respect to our Kupuna (elders) whose spirit has empowered us to nurture and protect their land and their people.

Enjoy, Paola xxx

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