A love story in Burano

July 21, 2017 • Places

A love story in Burano

Couldn’t think of a better place to capture the love story of my life. Burano is just pure joy, simple life, colors and peace. And who said love stories are only the ones between a woman and man (or woman and woman, or man and man)? Isn’t mother-daughter or mother-son love the greatest love after all? I can’t think of my life without my daughter, the greatest joy of my life, the best friend, the best travel companion, the greatest inspiration. I am learning so much from being a mom, the unconditional love, the pure joy, the pure fun, the simplicity of small things. No much words are needed when I see these amazing captures again and again, they speak for themselves and they are just part of the greatest love story of my life (special thanks to Luka Mario for capturing these amazing moments).

xxx Paola




Planning a trip to Burano?

Where to Stay: most of the tourists visit Burano from Venice on a daily trip, and rarely stay overnight. It’s really difficult to enjoy Burano like a local due to everyday crowd of people, unless you arrive early morning or stay for the evening. This is what we did, and that’s why we were able to play hide and seek during sunset on the empty “calli”, talk with the old ladies embroidering lace outside their doorstep, sit on the edge of the canal to take a rest. There are not many options to spend the night on this colored island. We stayed at Casa Burano, an hotel made of several little colored house, each one beautifully restored in collaboration with local artist and Veneto region design companies.

What to do:

-Lace Museum

-Church of St. Martin and the Chapel of Santa Barbara

-Leaning tower of Burano

-Murano glass “lume” working at New Arte Fuga, which is a shop, but also a small glass factory, located in Via Giudecca 132

-The Pescarìa Vecia, perfect to admire stunning sunsets overlooking Venice

-Bepi’s House, the most colorful home in Burano island

-Three Bridges (Tre Ponti), a wooden bridge connecting three canals and three of the most colorful streets of Burano (Giudecca Via, Via San Mauro and Via San Martino Sinistro)

Where to eat

Venissa, a Michelin star restaurant located in the Mazzorbo island, 5 minute walk from Burano

Trattoria Al Gatto Nero

Trattoria Alla Maddalena

Trattoria Primo e Paolo


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