A Tribute to Earth

June 16, 2016 • Style

The Little Creative Factory Philosophy

“The Barcelona stamp defines who we are and what we do – our ethics and philosophy- and our desire to work for the planet and its inhabitants in a sustainable manner. It is not simply a question of fashion. The concept of “Slow Manufacture” and “0km”, are values in which we believe, that we want to transmit and towards which we would like to contribute, since there is nothing better we can do for our children than preserve their future.

We are not a trend machine that mass produces clothes and ideas that will be irrelevant some months later. We believe that less is more and this is why our pieces are atemporal. Each piece allows our little customers to grow with it and create their own style. We want everybody to tap into their creative side and be capable of creating their own identity”

“The new Farmer’s collection is a dream accomplished, one that encapsulates my soul and personality, a return to my roots. The collection is, as a result, a tribute to the earth, to the essence of all things. Imagination gives way to a reality”