Bianchina Love

August 21, 2017 • Style

Bianchina Love

Last time I sat in my brother’s vintage Bianchina it was a cool summer evening more than 7 years ago. My father was driving and I was wearing a white gown, going to marry the man of my life, in the same church where my parents got married more than 46 years ago. I have the best memories from that short ride, 500 meters away from my parents house, my heart was going to explode for the excitement (so excited that I wasn’t able to say any of the vows 😉 ), and laughing for my father’s jokes before entering in the church.

Today, for some strange reasons, we did not board on a plane back to Shanghai, instead, we drove the Bianchina up and down the fields behind my parents house, where we usually stay when we are back in Italy. We even had a my brother’s drone up following us during the ride, but I guess it will take a while before understanding how to upload a video 😉

xxx Paola


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