Crowns & Co.

November 03, 2016 • Fun • Style

Crowns & Co.

As you might notice from my Instagram (not following yet? Click here to follow), I love crowns and magic accessories! I love them to sparkle a simple outfit and my daughter loves pretending to be a princess. If, like me, you are not in for princesses costumes, those cute accessories might be a super nice and chic alternative. They can even be worn with a white t-shirt and skinny jeans ;-). And what’s better than some sparkling accessory to get into the Christmas feeling?

My favorite crowns & co. accessories come from different brands:

Numero74 offers timeless artisanal creations, unique in their texture and 16 exclusive colors.Handmade with love in Thailand, collections are created in limited series with a great respect of traditions by qualified artisans and women’s self managed cooperatives, heirs of ancestral knowledge. Linens, home decor, baby care, accessories, party items and clothing … a complete universe, where creations are designed to combine together, with poetry and delicacy.

Fable Heart started from a mother “who loved to take her little girls to magical places- through stories, through music; through dress up”. It went from making clothes and accessories from her own little princess, to make them for all her friends, and now the brand has grown so much, but without loosing the magic and the dream.

A Little Dream is a shoe and accessories brand for baby and toddlers which is inspired by love of colors, fabrics and quality. This is London-born brand designed by Alejandra, a Latin American designer, mother of two boys, with over a decade fashion experience in Mexico, New York and now Far East (in fact I am very lucky to know her personally, and we live just few blocks away from each other ;-))


Enjoy your sparkling shopping! xoxo Paola