Dumpling Delights with UnTourFood

September 11, 2017 • Fun • Places

Dumpling Delights with UnTourFood

We have been in Shanghai long enough (9 Years ;-)) to know every single restaurant, bakery & bar, and being food lovers this is how we spend most of our weekends in shanghai: eating and discovering new cool places to enjoy our meals. This time we wanted to try something different and be tourists in our own town, to re-discover the delicious local street food that little by little is leaving space to restaurant chains and malls. We chose UnTourFoodTours for this alternative week end experience, I wanted to make sure about food safety of the places we were going to visit, especially because Olivia was going to go with us. UnTourFoodTours, is the Top1 Food tour company in China, so I thought I was in very good hands.

UnToursFoodhave several tour options, no surprise we chose the Dumpling Delights (ever wandered where The Pink Dumpling name come from? ;-)), and we visited 4 Dumpling places around the old French Concession, and end up making our own Dumplings in a cooking workshop.


After meeting our tour guide we walked to 4 local restaurants. On the way to our dumplings, our tour guide explained the origins of those delights, and some history behind and it was beautiful to pass through those very local Shanghainese lanes while moving from one place to the next one.

1.Huji Poststickers , 231 Taiyuan LU, near Jianguo XiLu. This was absolutely great for pork postickers (Olivia could not have enough)

2.Lao Hongxing Soup Dumplings, 236 Taiyuan Lu, near Jianguo XiLu. This was great for soup dumplings, fried dumplings, scallions wontongs (and this is where we sneak peak in the kitchen to see how they cooked)

3.Harbin Dumpling House, 297 Yonjia Lu, near Jiashan Lu. This was great for Chinese leek and egg Dumplings nd Tofu Salad

4.Da Mu Ge Steamed Buns, 91 Yonkang Lu, near Xiangyang Lu. This was great for black sesame and veggie buns

5.Chinese Cooking Workshop, 2A Dongping Lu, near Hengshan Lu. Here is where we actually made our own dumplings, not as good looking as the ones we had eaten before, but surely super delicious.

UnTourFoodTours have recently changed the routing of the Dumpling Delights tour, make sure to check their website here to see all new schedules.


Enjoy, Paola xxx