Korean favorites – Dimple Moment

October 07, 2016 • Style

Korean favorites – Dimple Moment

This week was holiday for us, and for the first time in 8 years we decided to stay in Shanghai. The weather did not help, so we mostly spent time indoor: playgrounds, playdates and… markets! We spent few hours at the Korean wholesale market (a paradise for cool cheap Korean fashion, most probably produced in China). We have traveled to Korea several times, and got to understand how fashion forward that country is. Today I want to introduce you one of my favorite Korean kids brands.

Dimple Moment aims to make children smile, which they call “creating a dimple moment”. This Korean children fashion brand promises to make kids be happy and comfortable and believe this will make the parents happy too. Some of the adult sized dresses will certainly make mommy very happy (and fashionable). The brand uses charming motifs and detailing elements. “Not too simple. Not too pop.” But certainly very cool! Dimple Moment launched in 2013. In the Fall of 2015 it launched a second brand called Faon. In 2016 Dimple Moment start selling Junior size clothing.

It’s not easy to access Korean brands from Europe, US or Oceania, but I have found a wholesaler that is distributing most of them outside Korea. You could have a look at their website by clicking here.


Enjoy your shopping! xoxo Paola