Rainy Days are sweeter with Lea&Jojo

May 16, 2017 • Style

Rainy Days are sweeter with Lea&Jojo

Rainy days are better than Disneyland for my girl. As much as I hate them, I can’t avoid admitting how much fun she has jumping here and there, getting all wet and dirty, careless of the cold, of the messy hair or her wet feet. Umbrellas then are just the funniest (and most useless) accessories, not really needed to cover from the rain, but actually to play and get even more dirty and wet.

Lea&Jojo raincoat, perfect for Asia’s rainy season, is not only the cutest in prints and details. What I love the most is the conscious and sustainable message. I live in a country where pollution is a serious matter, Shanghai is also quite a polluted city and as a mum I want to make sure to do everything I can for the environment my daughter will leave in. Plastic is one of the most polluting materials used daily in modern day society; bottles, bags, clothes, cars, decorations, accessories of all sorts… Unfortunately, only a little amount of these materials are recycled around the world
All Lea&Jojo raincoats’ shells and lining fabrics are certified Global Standard Recycled, and are made from 100 % recycled plastic bottles. The ribs are made of 100% Biological Cotton, GOTS certified.

When we received our Lea&Jojo raincoat, we were happily surprised by the little story book attached to the it. All Lea&Jojo coats come, in fact, with a very special story for Kids “IluQ and the magic lamp” and I find this a very nice initiative to encourage our kids to read … “Reading is dreaming with open eyes”.


This post has been made in collaboration with Lea&Jojo and Redroosetrsphotos, and below you can shop my favorite coats from this beautiful environmentally friendly kids brand. You can find more info about the brand by clicking here.

Enjoy and Happy Shopping, xxx Paola

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