Shop the Look: Bunny Accessories

April 06, 2017 • Style

Shop the Look: Bunny Accessories

Time for some Easter shopping. Check my favorite kids room accessories list, with all the links to buy!

1. Etsy, Wall Hook Bunny Ballerina Pink13,25 Euro

2. Egmont Toys, Rabbit lamp White63 Euro

3. Fabelab, Animal Bunny Cushion Pink27 Euro

4. Jellycat, Bashful Bunny music box, 35 Euro

5. Mr Maria, Miffy night light – large model234 Euro

6. Miffy Face, Canvas Tote Bag9,99 Usd

7. Ferm Living, Rabbit hooks22 Euro

8. Atelier Pierre, Miffy Bunny Wall Decoration White46 Euro

9. Chispum, Rabbit Sticker Multicoloured29 Euro

10. Wild & Soft Bibib, Rabbit Head White70 Euro

11. Maisonnée, Auguste Rabbit Mirror White309 Euro

12. Hiromatsu, Bunny Shaped bench21,600 JPY 

13. Bloomingville Kids, Bunny Bottle Pink9 Euro

14. Bloomingville Kids, Rabbit Sandstone Plate White29 Euro

15. Emile et Ida, Panpan Rabbit Pencil Case Pale pink29 Euro


 Happy Shopping, Paola xxx