Snow Princess Party

November 15, 2016 • Fun • Style

Snow Princess Party

Birthday parties, like wardrobes, are always a compromise if you have a daughter. Everything she has in mind in this moment is the famous snow princess and her sister, which I allow her to play with, but forbid to dress alike ;-). If you follow my Instagram you know I have a totally different style and do not like stereotypes. So I agreed to a snow princess party, with sparkling snowflakes sticks, tulle pompoms, glitter crowns, bubbles and magic wands. I made everything myself (DIY friends out there… incredible eh?!?), from the tulle pompoms, to the bows and I even bought fake snow carpets. Party decorations are cheap and easy to find in Shanghai, you can buy online everything (and more), because like someone said, “God created the world, everything else is made in China” ;-).

We made a morning breakfast theme, and as I am a terrible cook, I bought everything from Bagels to Pan Au Chocolate, from Yogurt to Cereals and fruit. I just had to made espressos and put everything on the table. Oli was super happy of the party, even more when she received Elsa costume from a friend… shall I cancel that friend of mine from the friend’s list from mow on 😉 ?!? )

If you are lucky to have access below are the links to all the decorations I bought

Snow, Tulle PomPom, Yogurt Cups, Wooden Cutlery, Scilver Plate, Star Paper Plated, Cups and straws, Glitter crowns, Glitter snowflakes sticks, Snow Flakes wall stickers, Crown Bubbles, Snow Men sticks , Olivia Shoes, Magic Wand


Enjoy your sparkling shopping!