Workout like a local

October 02, 2016 • Places

Workout like a local

Despite what people might think, Shanghai has tons of parks and green areas. The biggest and best known is Century Park, then there are smaller ones like Xujiahui Park, Zhongshan Park, Fuxing Park, but pretty much every block has its own small green area. Compared to other countries, going to a park in China is an experience: every day you can see local people practicing tai-chi, old women dancing (or as I like to say “doing Zumba”), men playing chests, people bringing their birds to breathe fresh air and to socialize with other birds (not kidding!). This morning, before heading to our Sunday brunch, we decided to stop to a small park in our neighborhood in the Former French Concession and, believe or not, we experience everything I just described. We worked out in every single machine, did some stretching together with old Chinese men, and said hi to the little birds in their cages. After our workout, we did not feel very guilty for the abundant and fatty brunch!

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(Olivia Top is by French Mouse Dresses)

Happy Sunday! Paola