Wearable Art

April 22, 2016 • Style

Tuchinda expresses a high level of artistry normally reserved for luxury womenswear and menswear. I predominantly use European and Japanese fabrics, including organic fabrics whenever possible. There are a lot of pattern manipulation, sewing technique, details, prints, and colors that are highly sophisticated and not easily found in childrenswear. I believe children’s clothes should be multicultural wearable art. Tuchinda also reflects all that I loved from my travels abroad. I was most influenced by three places, Milan, Paris, and Japan. In Milan, I was intrigued by the sophisticated way they mixed multiple colors and prints in the same outfit. In Paris, I became obsessed with the nonchalant chic attitude towards dressing. In Tokyo, I embraced the “cool” break away from all that is normal seen in their streetwear and their avant-garde designs. I try to combine all of these elements in my collections”