July 31, 2017 • Places


After 9 years in China we finally made it to Yangshuo, one of the top touristic attractions of the country. And it’s no wonder given it’s stunning scenarios. Yangshuo is located in the Guanxi province, it’s surrounded by karst mountains and bordered on one side by the Li River. Our retreat was right on the river, and from our room it was like been able to see a show from the first row… the view was just amazing. The best memory of Yangshuo was the people, simple, smiling, caring. We met this old sweet lady outside our resort, she must have had 100 years and only 1 tooth left, her hands had signs of a lifetime hard work and suffer,  she has the sweetest touch in adjusting a flower crown on Olivia.

In Yangshuo there are many different activities and sightseeing, and in our long weekend stay we did most of it

Bamboo Rafting: a visit to Yangshuo is not complete without a cruise on a bamboo boat. The view from the river is stunning and it’s super safe for kids too (they allow only kids above 1mt).

Liu Sanjie Impression on the Li river: the Li river surrounded by karst mountain form the most spectacular natural theatre, where the night light show takes place. The show is a creation of  Zhang Yi Mou, also director and choreographer of the impressive opening ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and famous Chinese movies like Raise the Red Lantern.

Biking: there are many spectacular bike routes around Yangshuo. We opted for TukTuk as the temperature was too high for biking 🙁

Old Villages: Langzi, Jiuxian, Liugogng are all well preserved old villages, where you can still see how the local people lives

During our trip to Yangshuo we stayed at Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, one of the few places that are located directly on the river. The view as said is just spectacular. An other post just for this will come soon

xxx Paola